Professional Fencing Contractors

VikingFENCE is the very first complete cold rolled security fencing system - lighter, stronger and more economical than conventional palisade fencing systems, whilst exceeding the stringent requirements of BS1722 Pt12; 2006. Offering reduced installation times and delivery costs, VikingFENCE increases security, delivering an attractive looking yet extremely robust perimeter fencing solution.  

VikingFENCE Typical Construction Schematic: Fish plate to which Top and Bottom Rail are fixed using M12 anti-vandal fixings Top Rail - VikingRAIL™ to which plates are fixed usingVikingBOLT or VikingRIVET Bottom Rail - VikingRAIL™ to which plates are fixed using VikingBOLT or VikingRIVET Standard VikingPALE™ Fencing Post :VikingPOST™ Concrete Foundation. 



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