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Defender Gate

The Defender gate has been developed to satisfy highly demanding maximum security criteria.

It incorporates a single point high security access controlled locking system and has been designed to resist attacks on the front cover plate which protects the locking mechanism, as well as attack on the locking bar, the slide bar, and the gate hangings. The gate is highly resistant to such tools as levers, chisels, hammers and even reciprocating saws.











  • Manual or powered operation.
  • Ideal for use with High Security Fencing systems such as Zenith double skin or Zenith Sensorfence.
  • Compatible with all existing access control technology.
  • Ideal for use in combination with high security vehicle gate systems.
  • Ideal for use in combination with high security turnstile to provide emergency/disabled access/exit.
  • Available with many optional accessories including safety edges, safety beams and intercoms.
  • Can be colour coated in a wide range of RAL options.


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